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*This is an intermediate to advanced product. You should have reasonable trading experience. 

**Fusion Algo is currently a Pilot Program. It is only available for members as an add on. You must first become a member to purchase and access. 



Fusion Point's proprietary algorithm is designed to uncover market extremes such as buying and selling panics, as well as additional mispositioning. We apply the script to 4500 single stocks and ETF's daily and weekly. Signals generate lists that combined with additional security analysis create higher probability trading opportunities.

Fusion Algo is one of two investor tools available at Fusion Point Capital. 



Human emotion is one of the hardest components of markets to control, and subsequently an area of alpha potential. Fusion Point's Algo scans thousands of stocks for extreme emotion and action. 

Seeking Out Market Extremes


The concept of capitulation has been around since the start of markets. See the chart to the right for classic example of selling extremes and a market reversing. Capitulation can be both a selling and buying event. 

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Harness the power of computing

What was once an incredibly tedious approach....

Can now be achieved in the click of a button...


Fusion Point's algo scans markets an hour after every close. What was once a manual approach to finding extremes, that often left many parts of the market unchecked, is now an algorithm that alerts where extremes are occurring based on important statistical criteria. 

Buy/Sell Pressure Algo

Learn more about how this behavioral, technical, and now quantitative approach was developed.


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Fusion Algo is currently in a Pilot Program stage. It is only available to Fusion Active members as an upgrade. To access, join Fusion Active and add Fusion Algo in the members dashboard. Additional charges will still apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For highly independent traders looking for new starting places for capitulation trades, the Algo should suffice as a standalone tool.

You should have an existing approach to markets, and expect the signal generation to help target better odds of reversals, tops, and breakouts. 

Currently the Algo is only available to current and new members. Standalone version will not be available till Q1 2020 at the earliest.

Memberships are billed on a 30 day reoccurring basis. You can cancel at anytime. You will only be charged for the current month. 


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