*This is an intermediate to advanced product. You should have time and the need to learn an additional fundamental approach to trading and investment idea generation. 



Fusion Scans


12 Custom built fundamental stock models

3 Styles



  • Focus on factor combinations that matter
  • Diversify easily and effectively across a variety of fundamental approaches
  • Save time and costs



Fusion Scans turn 250 fundamental factors into 9 unique stock models. The 9 models are categorized into 3 main groups (Growth/Quality, Custom, Value Driven).

Depth of Individual Scan

Each scan has up to 5 filters breaking down 7500 stocks into ~250 per model.

Pre Made Factor Models

Data revolution applied to stock idea generation

  • Eliminate 75% of the lead generation involved with finding quality stocks

The Strategies


4 Star Stocks

Rocket Stocks

Cash Kings

Revenue Growth


Short Squeezes

Movers and Shakers

R&D Stocks 

Value Driven

Earnings Yields

Real Buybacks 

Insider Ownership

Balance Sheet Strength


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