*This is an intermediate to advanced product. You should have time and the need to learn an additional fundamental approach to trading and investment idea generation. 




Fusion Scans


12 Custom built fundamental stock models

3 Styles

Tutorials and best practices included 



  • Quickly find new opportunities
  • Instantly focus on factor combinations that matter
  • Diversify easily and effectively across a variety of fundamental approaches
  • Utilize the same starting points as professional fund managers
  • Generate new ideas based on fundamentals first
  • Save time and costs with weekly updates



Fusion Scans turn 250 fundamental factors into 9 unique stock models with weekly updates. The 9 models are categorized into 3 main groups (Growth/Quality, Custom, Value Driven).

Depth of Individual Scan

Each scan has up to 5 filters breaking down 7500 stocks into ~250 per model.

Pre Made Factor Models

Fundamental factors can be complex. Scans are pre built around the types of securities and businesses we want to own. Tutorials provide more information on past trades, how to better filter lists, and what market climates work best with which strategies.

Data revolution applied to stock idea generation

  • Eliminate 75% of the lead generation involved with finding quality stocks
  • Pre made stock models capturing growth, value, and custom research ideas
  • Tutorials to further optimize

The Strategies


4 Star Stocks

Rocket Stocks

Cash Kings

Revenue Growth


Short Squeezes

Movers and Shakers

R&D Stocks 

Value Driven

Earnings Yields

Real Buybacks 

Insider Ownership

Balance Sheet Strength


Growth and quality names are some of the best opportunities particularly in bull markets. Scans automatically adjust for names that are fundamentally performing at a level we care about.


Custom strategies include Short Squeezes, R&D names, and Movers and Shakers. Below is an example of one of the larger squeezes we've seen. The members area includes more info on each strategy and how best to utilize them.

Value Driven

Value driven stocks are good diversifiers to a portfolio and are a great starting point for intermediate to longer term investors. Markets often overshoot on the up and downside, and for value orientated investors, this style is perfect to quickly capitalize on valuation. Below are two buyouts in the last few years out of this group.

Members Area: Scans

Below shows the easy to navigate members area. Tutorials for each strategy along with additional update videos are provided.

Value Add and Pricing Comparison

1/3 the price, factors that matter, all pre-built.

See the Scans below:


Products and Pricing Options

You can buy Fusion Scans direct or become a member and add it from the member dashboard. Pricing remains the same.

Fusion Scans



Strategy Tutorials 

Quick Guide 

9 Factor Models 

Regular Updates 

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Fusion scans are a subset of the entire database. Full universe stock databases cost substantially more, while Fusion Scans still provide you with hundreds stock ideas, broken out by styles (growth/quality, custom, value) and strategies that matter.

Fusion Scans are deeply rooted in a fundamental first approach. Each strategy has been carefully thought out and used over the years in a variety of market climates. Tutorials do provide more info on past trades, how to further optimize each strategy list, and thoughts on what types of markets/charts compliment each scan.

Fusion Scans are an investor tool, and are billed separately from any of the services. You can purchase tools direct, or become a member and add buy them as an addition from the dashboard. Tools as a standalone are good for do it yourself investors and traders who are looking to add more depth the an existing approach. 

Fusion Scans are currently being used by a variety of market participants. Although primarily designed for stock investors, traders are able to quickly apply technical concepts to the fundamental models. Individuals are also benefitting from the scans, especially when in combination with the custom Fusion strategies. Generally to build and create similar approaches takes significant money and time, including trading experience to understand what factors matter, what combinations are most powerful, and when to use them.

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