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Active Platform Includes:

  • Market guidance videos
  • Daily chat room
  • Trading setups
  • Macro Charts
  • Scans (purchased separately)
  • Algo (purchased separately) 


Past Trades

Combining Approaches and Time Frames

  • Market Guidance
  • Intermediate Trading Ideas
  • Long Term Investments



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Market Guidance

Market Guidance videos are delivered monthly with shorter term intraweek updates as needed. Guidance is designed to look at how markets are moving, how we can take advantage of current positioning, and what risks are present.

Guidance is a unique combo of intermarket analysis, multi-time frame price action, fundamental research, and economic and monetary policy analysis.


Intermediate Trading

Intermediate trading includes daily chart setups as well as larger swing position trading. Ideas are delivered in videos and in chart specific threads and the chatroom. 

Some of the biggest winners have come from intermediate swing/position trade due to a superior approach that includes fundamental scans, technical price action, and proprietary behavioral signals.



Long Term Investments

Longer term investment ideas are delivered thru the 'Smart Allocator", a spreadsheet of specific Fusion Scan stock strategies. 

Fusion Point has seen 7 buyouts over the last 3 years including numerous outperforming single stock recommendations. 

Longer term investments follow a strict fundamental first approach. Company strategy, story, and industry analysis is second, followed by timing and behavioral finance to better target entries. 

How it Works

1. Join Fusion Point

Join Fusion Point and enter the member dashboard

2. Add Additional Tools

Add any of the additional tools (fusion scans and fusion algo) to your dashboard.

Fusion Active



Market Guidance Videos

Daily Chat Room 

Intermediate swing/position trades

Longer-Term Investment Ideas 

Subindustry Scanner

Additional Resources

Scans (purchased separately)

Algo (purchased separately


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