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Fusion Pro is for a select group of customers looking to further their depth and knowledge in multi-disciplinary financial market approaches. This includes Fusion Point fundamental factor strategies, portfolio management, quantitative research, and trading strategies.  

Please be aware, Pro members are on a case by case base, are custom solutions, and limited by capacity. The solutions include full platform access, all 8 factor strategies, general and custom algo solutions, education and more. 



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Full Platform Access

Pro members have full access to the Fusion Point platform. This includes all 9 Fusion Scans, Fusion Algo, as well as direct access. 

Custom Research

Custom research is critical for success in Fusion Pro. By mapping out client needs and goals based on industry positioning and Fusion Point tools, optimal solutions are created. 

Real Time Algo

Real Time Algo is custom algo solution only available to Fusion Pro members. We can monitor up to 200 securities on both weekly and daily time frames. 

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Real Results

Fusion Point's pro platform, with 9 factor strategies, Fusion Algo, custom research, and high touch professional consultation results in real results for clients. To the right is an actual advisor result after working direct for a year. 

By designing the best work flow approach between advisor needs and Fusion Point research the Advisor was able to improve performance, communication, and overall asset growth. 


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Pro Case Studies

Full implementation and support of the Fusion Pro Platform. All 8 fundamental factor models, tutorials, and general consultation.

Has lead to significantly larger allocations to the firm. Good for advisors looking to enhance their stock selection and client communication. Encompasses the entire Fusion philosophy, from factors driving stocks, to company story and products, to price action and timing. 

Numerous PM's are currently using the Pro Platform. Armed with all 8 Factor Strategies, tutorials, and a deeper understanding of how and when to combine specific fundamental models with technicals.

Access to the Professional Platform for portfolio managers is often paired with a custom algo solution or high touch algo conversations. Be the first to know where the best algo action is. 


Highly motivated individual traders can and are leveraging the platform today, working direct on a 1 on 1 basis, moving up the ladder quickly.

Fusion Point has moved entry level traders up the ladder much quicker than they normally would, through custom built education and training courses. Prices are negotiable for qualified individuals. Serious inquiries only. 


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