Answer: Fusion Scans


9 Custom built fundamental stock models

3 Main groups 

Tutorials and best practices included 


Comprehensive approach covers 250 factors, 9 models, and weekly updates. Each scan has 5 filters.

3 Main Categories

9 scans fall under 1 of 3 categories

Pre Made Factor Models

Fundamental factors can be complex. Fusion Scans take decades of experience and focus on specific models designed for the real world. Rather than digging through each fundamental component, scans are aiready built around the types of securities and business we want to own. Tutorials on each provide even more information such as past trades, how to better filter lists, and what charts work best with which strategies.

Game Changing Stock Selection

Move beyond traditional stock screens, diversify factors, and find opportunities across groups. See some past trades from select models.


Easy to use members area, includes tutorials for each strategy.




Members can choose the strategy style that best fits their existing approach.


See the Scans below:


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How it Works

Access the dashboard in 2 easy steps

1. Pick a Service Level

Pick a service level based on participation level.

2. Join Fusion Point

Join Fusion Point and enter the member dashboard

3. Add Additional Tools

Add any of the additional tools (fusion scans and fusion algo) to your dashboard. 

Member Tools

Member tools are available for purchase inside the members dashboard.

Fusion Scans




9 Strategies with Tutorials

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