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Chat, Guidance, Trading Ideas

Active Chat

Chat room covers day to day market conversation, member questions, and related setups as they occur. 

Guidance Videos

2-3 videos a month keep you updated on major trends, market internals, risks and opportunities. 

Actionable Trades

Multi-time frame actionable charts. All charts come with risk levels and trading notes.

Research Platform

Fuson Active members now have access to the entire research platform:

  • Macro charts 
  • Market Internals 
  • Sector charts and breadth
  • See entire coverage list here: Chart Library



Most Popular

  • Active Chat
  • Video Updates
  • Trade Setups
  • Research Platform
  • Educational Videos

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Join Fusion Active today and immediately access the following:

  • Member Chat Room -Share ideas, ask questions, direct message.
  • Latest Market Videos - Market outlooks, risks and opportunities, intermediate to longer term conversation.
  • Daily Trading Charts - Trading charts week to week. Consistent idea generation
  • Weekly Trading Charts - Weekly setups for longer term participants
  • Research Platform - Full Chart Library
  • Additional Education Videos

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